Commercial Design Consultancy

At Escape Plan Designs we take a heavily customer driven approach which results from in-depth consultation & analysis of business operations & objectives. Running our own business for the last 6 years gives us excellent insight into the challenges that other businesses face & helps us deliver more focussed design solutions. We draw on our experience in a diversity of sectors, paired with creative flair & innovation to bring superior designs that reflect our client’s business objectives, culture & brand in every detail.  We engineer solutions to  improve the function of our client’s business, adding value & contributing to the bottom line. 


Here is how we go about it:

We are responsive, flexible & agile. We are highly skilled & creative, which is why our services are sought after, even by our industry peers with whom we often work in collaboration. We also have the capacity to invite other consultants & experts to our team to better service larger projects. Escape Plan Designs has been specifically structured in this way to bring maximum opportunity to our work.  The advantage of this arrangement is that we are able to collaborate with other exceptional consultants & designers on a regular basis, which can bring new relationships, skills & ideas to our practice as well.  It’s a win:win, & often provides us the opportunity to work on landmark projects which is always a bonus.